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Willie Crawford

Hi, I'm Willie Crawford, webmaster at TournamentSite.Com. I fell in love with karate back in 1978 when I was a student at North Carolina State University. I would eventually become a student of Dr. Don Ridgeway, who was teaching there, and devote many hours to practicing my beloved traditional Shotokan Karate at (Rhogun Dojo). Later, the military would send me to the Pacific where I would study Okinawa Kenpo Karate and Kobudo under Shihan Marcus Devalentino and his instructor, the late Odo Seikichi.

I also enrolled my 2 young daughters in Devalentino Sensei's dojo where they both earned their brown belts prior to the military moving us to Alaska. The Devalentino dojo, operated out of the fitness center at Hickam Air Force Base, Hawaii, was fairly new when I discovered it. I was the first of many student at that dojo to earn the coveted black belt.

Hawaii had numerous martial arts schools covering dozens of styles. Outside of Okinawa, I don't think I'd ever seen a place with a heavier concentration of martial arts schools. Oahu had martial arts tournaments practically every weekend... all year long.

All my life, I had a fascination with the amazing feats martial artist, and even ordinary untrained humans were capable of... particularly when under stress. I can remember reading of Chi, or Ki, when I was very young and setting out to learn more about this mysterious force. I don't think I really began to understand Chi until I took a course by Dr. Robert Anthony. That course taught me many secrets to life-long achievement, personal power, prosperity, health and happiness. It tied together many of the things I had studied in other disciplines including my beloved karate.

This site is a tribute to my love of all martial arts and its character building merits. While in Hawaii, I participated in numerous tournaments and always enjoyed a friendly karate sparring match. I do have to admit that I was happy when I finally turned 35 and could choose to compete in the 35 and older category. The older karateka seemed to have so much more control :-)

Please visit this site often and make it your starting point when looking for a friendly competition.

Our goal is to have a site that you can visit to list or find martial arts tournaments or seminars. Karate, kung fu, taekwondo, all of the martial arts are discussed and appreciated here.

We will list any of your events if you will send us an email with the details. Your event will be listed as soon as practical. If you include the url to details of the event on your website, we'll also be happy to include that in your listing. This site does not cater to any particular style. We do however reserve the right to decide what we list on our site.

Please bookmark this site so that you can come back often.

Also feel free to post your questions, answers, and opinions on our blog (web log). Please keep them friendly and courteous though. We will remove any post that we feel is inappropriate or not in the true spirit of the martial arts. We will also permanently ban anyone making inappropriate posts and file a formal complaint with the internet service provider.

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